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As a small business owner, getting hold of credit is not an easy task. For the most of us, bringing in fresh funds is a major hurdle, since many banks don’t offer loans to SME and young businesses. Therefore, when faced with financial difficulties, the task of raising money is very challenging.

This is where our SME business loan could be very useful. At 96BM Credit licensed money lender, we provide tailored-made business loans that will meet the needs of your business perfectly. Now you are able to get secured or unsecured loans to operate your business and fund several plans as and when needed. With flexible repayment schemes and credit amounts, any business would be able to find a suitable capital funding with us.

Being one of the top legal licensed money lender in Singapore, we have the capability and resources to support your business to a greater height.

Through our simple online application process, you can get the capital you need immediately. No more waiting for weeks on end and waste valuable time that can be spent running your business. It is incredibly challenging, hopeless even, for new or negative business to secure bank loans. The bench is set so tall due to banks not wanting to risk themselves.

At 96BM Credit, we want to give your business the opportunity to realize all the possibilities. Financial support is the core structure in making all business venture a success, which is why 96BM Credit licensed money lender continue to provide support when needed.

To make the most out of your business loan, it’s appropriate to thoroughly study the company’s past, present and future conditions. By doing so, you are able to assess exactly how much loan you need to borrow for your business to flourish. Excessive loans will give yourself extra repayment burden which is not necessary.

Rather, concentrate on reaching where you need to be and specify how to repay the loan. Approach us for a chat, and our pleasant loan personnel will do their best to design a practicable loan solution that best matches your needs.