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What Are The Methods To Finance My Trip?

Living and working in Singapore has become more stressful due to the competitive nature of our country. And many of us wish to go for a holiday to escape the piling workload. Despite that, your savings may not be sufficient to finance your dream vacation. 

Instead of using all of your savings to finance your trip, why not take up our vacation loan and spread the cost of the trip across with our flexible repayment plans, tailor-made specifically for you. Let us cover the cost that includes your plane ticket, hotels, food, gifts and much more. 

The most compelling reason to take up our holiday loan is to help support your expenses even if you have a bad credit rating. Our loan packages have lower interests compared against credit card loans and a flexible payment term.

What Makes Our Travel Loan Better?

Our holiday loans are customized to fit your budgets and needs. They are really flexible in terms of repayment schedule and have the lowest interest rates, making it easy for you to travel with a peace of mind. 

We have no restriction on travel destination as well, you are in control of your plans.

With over a hundred Licensed Money Lenders in Singapore, many of them would take their time to process your loan application. Often taking up to three weeks to process and get a NO from them would ruined all your plans for the holiday. 

What we strive to do is to process every loan applications as quickly as possible. Our financial managers are always ready to receive your request and streamline the approval within an hour, so you can get your as fast as possible.

Customers can apply for the holiday loan easily through our online submission form

The process is quick and simple. Get it done within minutes, anytime in the day or night and hear from us as soon as our office opens.

The most compelling reason of getting a holiday loan from us at 96BM Credit Licensed Money Lender, is that the loan are unsecured. Meaning that you do not need to stake anything to get the loan, and not risk losing them if you default on your loan.