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Perfect Wedding Scenario

Wedding is definitely one of the most important events of life. I believe everyone had that perfect wedding scenario planned out in their heads, but are bogged down by the money required for the wedding in Singapore. The average cost of a wedding in Singapore range from $3,000 to $30,000, and with extravagant ones reaching over $100,000.

Since it can take several years to save up for the big day, and hope that it might not affect the relationship. Why not ensure this life-changing moment to be successful? Get a marriage wedding loan with AR Credits with the lowest interest and most affordable package today! We are one of the top marriage loans money lender in Singapore, and have supported countless young couples to create their dream wedding.

Conventional banks are very cautious of personal loans. Therefore it is difficult for young couples to get money through traditional means, but we offer flexible loan packages to help compensate all wedding costs. Wedding loans can be easily applied and approved from us at lightning speed, usually less than an hour.

Our wedding loans are customized to suit your income capabilities with the lowest interest rates, because of that, you don’t have to worry about heavy repayment cycles.

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Wedding Loan Over Credit Card Loan

Wedding loans are favorable as they are deemed unsecured personal loans. Meaning that you are not required to provide collateral in return for the loan and there is no minimum salary requirement as well. You only need to provide a proof of income like pay slips or CPF statements, that proof you can repay the wedding loan to qualify for the loan.

At 96BM Credit, our wedding loans have a fast approval process, which allows you to spend time on things that are more important for your wedding. 

Besides, a credit card loan can be more enticing to over use. As a result, leaving you with unnecessary debts. And by borrowing a huge sum of cash from the bank, it can hurt your credit score. For these reasons, taking up a wedding loan can be a better option.

In comparison to credit card loans, a wedding loan offers lower interest rates, faster approval process and flexible repayment plan, which by themselves are obvious to decide your choice.